Bathe the Stone in the Waters of Life from Narmada and Nile


Bind Earth to Sky with the Water of Love


to Cool the Flower of the Mind


and Warm the Lotus of the Heart


Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™  techniques for self-transformation include invocations, rituals, meditations, and writing exercises. Three Eagles received these techniques while on vision quest in the dreamtime, as a result of practicing the transpersonal disciplines of yoga or union, creative writing, natural magic, depth & archetypal psychology, and humanistic psychology. She practices these transpersonal disciplines and shamanic techniques for perpetual self-transformation, for writing devotional nature poetry, and for adorning academic work with deep personal and social meaning. Through practice of Three Eagles'  Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™ techniques, you may receive inner vision, shamanic adornments, ancestors and animal spirit guides, and a deepened love relationship with the divine. 


 Shamanism Online Courses

4-week Sessions: weekly Zoom & email


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Through The Red Book

Within this weekly journey through C. G. Jung’s The Red Book, we may:


  • Become aware of the transpersonal, transcendent dreamtime in our own lives, opening the oracle within us at every step of our journey towards individuation or divine union.
  • Cultivate divine love within our bodies through shamanic ritual, breathing, mantra, and visualization techniques.
  • Practice the transpersonal, shamanic techniques of active imagination, yoga-sutras, and natural magic.
  • Learn from the word imagery and symbols of these and other spiritual traditions.
  • Create our own word imagery or other art-form in a spiritual journal, sharing experiences.
  • Become aware of the presence of ancestors and animal spirit guides in our own lives.
  • Receive guidance in the dreamtime from archetypal ancestors and animal spirit guides.
  • Cultivate the divine love of anima mundi—the great animal, soul of creation.
  • Own the delight in our shared responsibility for this call to love, and the peace it brings.
  • Co-create a sustainable planet through cultivating the golden seed of creation.




OPS-AP Order of the Plumed Serpent & Phoenix Ѯʘ

Natural Magic Online Courses

4-week sessions, emailed weekly 


Rose & Thistle Lodge ʘѮ


Natural Magic

Weekly journey through natural magic theory & practice from Medieval & Renaissance eras.

Explore correspondences between nature’s elements, planetary spheres, celestial hierarchies, names of god, and numbers.

. . . . . . . . . The Magdala Stone . . . . . . . . . .

҉   Silence is the Jewel of the Lotus   ҉


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