IAWHE Embodied Invocation


Beginning at the Ajna chakra
or third eye, vocalize the vowel sounds in the sequence below, while gently
touching each chakra with the fingers of one hand, in descending sequence until
you reach the first chakra. At that point you ascend the chakras to the vowel
sound “aaayyy,” with an upward sweeping gesture like a fountain.


Then begin at the third eye
again, with the opposite hand gently touching each chakra as before.


When ready, continue the
IAWHE embodied invocation silently.


Then, if desired, you can sit
in meditation and continue visualizing the mantra descending and ascending
through your body.


For waking meditations, you
can perform the Yahweh embodied mantra silently, as you go through your day. Can be recited walking, or sitting, anywhere.
This is the practice of namasmarana, constant repetition of the names of God.














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