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Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™ brings healing from one's ancestors and animal spirit guides in the dreamtime, through surrender to love. Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™ is a multicultural New Mythos theory & practice, applicable to individual self-transformation, and professionally in psychotherapy for instance.

As in Transpersonal & Humanistic Psychology, Depth & Archetypal Psychology, and Rosicrucianism ---

Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™ embraces the visionary experiences of the client or practitioner, accepting them as scientific proof. In Academia, New Mythos theory & practice encourages students to include their visionary experiences as part of their research methodology. Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™ techniques model the experiential process whereby individuals access their own ancestors and animal spirit guides in the dreamtime.


Keep Turning the Medicine Wheel

which means that healing comes every moment with the turning of time’s wheel. Life breathes through this sunrise and sunset motion of creation from out of the abyss, and dissolution back into what Pseudo-Dionysius describes as,

"the brilliant darkness of a hidden silence"

          The greater part of leadership in education is showing the story as well as telling it. So by experiencing the ritual invocation and meditation together, we keep turning the medicine wheel that generates healing through this process of unifying worlds within the anima mundi or great animal, of unifying gods and goddesses within the One Great Mother. Psychology is the science of soul and art of spirituality. The primal vision quest in archetypal psychology is for world unity, wherein spirit, soul, and body are unified through the nature of humankind’s relationship with the divine ---

which is love. New Mythos theory and practice embraces personal spiritual experience as valid scientific proof. This New Mythos of our time—emerging out of the International Transpersonal Association, Transpersonal and Humanistic institutions in San Francisco, Pacifica Graduate Institute, the Spiritual Psychology of Lisa Miller at Columbia University, AMORC Rosicrucians and TMO Traditional Martinist Order worldwide, and many other organizations inside and outside of the Academy—fulfills our future’s necessity for ethics, aesthetics, and a vision of world unity.

Drawing this circle of union that I’ll invoke can be performed in many ways. I begin with an invocation to the six directions, as a template that is universal to humankind on earth (see Medicine-Wheel Techniques section). Centering on earth is the basic Medicine Wheel to ground practitioners in their animal body. Then I call up specific numbers and forms, gods and goddesses, who came to me in response to that specific time or turning of the medicine wheel when I drew the circle for creating this ritual, a co-creation with the anima mundi, the great animal (see Invocation of the Great Mother).

What came is that all numbers and forms, all gods and goddesses, emerge, dissolve, and re-emerge from within the abyss, the One circle of the Great Mother, according to the need of that moment. Leadership encourages a personal spirituality that comes naturally to each of us through visionary experiences of our ancestors and animal spirit guides.


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