Meditation on the Wheel of the Heart

Imagine the Six-petalled Lotus of the Heart


From Patanjali's Yoga-sutras, practice the three direct aids to Yoga, called Constraint,

by repeating "Lotus of the Heart" while the Image of the Idea transcends opposites:


Fixed-attention; Contemplation; and Concentration

                              [dharana]                 [dhyana]


These correspond to the three ascending spheres of Renaissance natural magic:


Imagination;        Reason;          and Intellect

     [body]               [soul]                  [spirit]


Constraint is also used by C. G. Jung as "active imagination," whereby one holds

the tension of opposites until they yield up the fruits of the creative act between them.


And from this Constraint—practice the transition to seedless concentration [samadhi]:

where you sever the idea, drop the idea into the Dark,

& experience what Jung calls the transcendent function.


Constraint on this sutra "Lotus of the Heart" holds the opposites of body and spirit,

signified by the two hearts opposed above and below the lotus, until the heart-lotus blossoms

as the love between them in the creative act of soul-making nature, the anima mundi.

Cleopatra, last Pharoah of Egypt, taught this Eighth Meditation of the Spiritual Ogdoad,

which is embodied in the 1st century CE Magdala Stone as our Image of meditation.


 One becomes enlightened, not by
contemplating images of light,

 but by making the dark conscious.


--C. G. Jung


Your vision will
become clear only when you look into your heart . . .


Who looks
outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.


--C. G. Jung


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