Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest Rituals


Bathe the Stone in the Waters of Life

from Narmada and Nile


Bind Earth to Sky

with the Water of Love


to Cool the Flower of the Mind


 and Warm the Lotus of the Heart


  • Choose a flat palm-sized stone for the standing ritual: 
  • at “Bathe the Stone” offer it to the Above with palms open
  • at “Bind earth” offer it close-palmed, to the Sahasrara chakra above the head 
  • at “to Cool” offer it close-palmed, through your fingertips, to the Ajna chakra or third eye
  • at “and Warm” offer it to the Anahata chakra, the heart
  • place the stone back in nature, or on an altar, offering it to the Below


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