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Three Eagles

Revelation and prophesy come through divine presence or darshan in

Shirdi Sai Baba’s shawl within the lantern.

The Mother and Father of Love

Is being born into Humankind.


He resides inside the three lamps within the Kaaba,

within the Trinity, and the three lights of Kabbalah.

In this incarnation of the triple avatar

he will be called Prema Sai Baba,

the Mother and Father of Love.


Isa as Prema Sai Baba will come to conclude world peace

and instill love of God. He will appear in a safron robe,

at the point of a white arcade of angels.


Shiva the Great God encompasses all, and will be recognized in the third Baba avatar.

Isa (Jesus), Buddha, Zoroaster, and many other incarnations will also be recognized in Prema Sai Baba.


“There is only one caste, the
caste of humanity.


There is only one language,
the language of the heart.


There is only one religion,
the religion of love.


There is only one god, and he
is omnipresent.”


Sathya Sai Baba



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