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Practitioner & Theorist


Kathryn LaFevers Evans—Three Eagles Chickasaw Nation—is a lifelong writer of nature and devotional poetry, and has performed in 12 cities. She is a theorist-practitioner of shamanic techniques such as Native American shamanism, Yoga-sutras of Patanjali, Renaissance natural magic, C. G. Jung's active imagination, and James Hillman's cosmology for soul.

     At Pacifica Graduate Institute, Evans taught a course centered on C. G. Jung’s The Red Book, ‘HMC 200: Active Imagination, Dreams, & Psychic Creativity.’ Evans’ work—integrating New Mythos theory and practice in an interdisciplinary paradigm—engages the imaginal, mythopoetic cosmologies of Renaissance neoplatonism & natural magic with depth & archetypal psychology.


M.A. Literature & Writing Studies; B.A. Comparative Literature & Research in Consciousness    kathrynevans@threeeagles.net







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