Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest Writing



Choose an attractive journal
to begin Medicine-Wheel



Leave the first page blank.


Begin by writing one positive word

that comes to mind after practicing Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest

Techniques, Rituals, Meditations, or Invocations.


Leave a blank page after each journal entry.


Your next entry can be a short sentence
that describes a vision quest experience you received while performing

Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest. Make sure to include words that describe

sensory experiences;

hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell.


After the next blank page,
formulate a short paragraph or short poem that encapsulates

a vision quest experience you received.


After the next blank page,
begin to illustrate your journal writings, where inspired, with geometric images
or simple juxtapositions of forms such as

point, line, plane, circle, triangle.


You can begin to incorporate the spatial geometry
into your embodied rituals,

for instance where a line between two points

becomes the line through your Thunderbird arms extended
North and South.


Jot down mantras that resonate with your body,
and practice them in namasmarana,

constant repetition of the names of God,

throughout your day.

This is powerful medicine.

Soon you will discover which medicines are best

for your wellbeing.

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